Sunday, 7 July 2013

Beaver tails and beaver blades

beaver blades...bad
Beaver tails...good

Once again, I have had an unexpected change in health status. At work 2 weeks ago while I was changing a scalpel blade, I cut 2 fingers on my left hand. Almost immediately I felt a numb sensation in one of my fingers...not good. I had surgery June 26 to fix a tendon and a nerve that were 70% severed. First a cast, then a splint, both of which have limited what I can do. Unfortunately for Daryl, the burden of housework, dishes, & cooking have fallen on him. However if you know me, I have a fairly stubborn streak, so I have attempted to do all these tasks with limited success.

For some reason, my cast hand has drawn comparison in Daryl's mind to the comic book character, Hellboy. Is there a subtle message here for me? And yes, we watched both movies to cheer me up.

Off on workers comp for July. How am I filling my days? Studying French, finger exercises 3 times a day, exploring the city, and taking it easy.