Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer lovin'

What defines summer for you?

Yesterday I walked with my little family to Mayfair Pool. It was about 19 C with a cool breeze. Some might say, "Not the perfect conditions for an afternoon at the pool". When we arrived, there were 6 other kids in the pool. Instantly I was transported back to my childhood.

Where I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, there was a pool directly across the street from where we lived. Hot days, cold days, rainy days, my brothers and I lived at the pool. My little brother would even have his naps in the lifeguard station.

The sounds of children talking and yelling, the blow of the whistle, the smell of chlorine (on the skin), the sting in your eyes from swimming with them open. . . Everything about the pool in the summer, I love. Well almost, I do not like going to the bathroom there because the toilet seats are always wet. Gross. Regardless, I think you are either a pool person or a lake person. I enjoy the lake experience, but my summer is defined by the pool.

On a side note, what pool rules killed your fun or made you just scratch your head?

One rule that I have never understood, enforced, or followed, is showering before entering the pool.

Anyway, I am looking forward to  lane swimming, playing chop chop timber, and splashing in the pool all summer long.