Saturday, 26 May 2012

Perhaps it is social pressure, perhaps it is intrigue, but mostly it is inspiration from "The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party" that I feel compelled to share my quilting creations and stories. Where does one start? At the beginning I suppose.
About 8 years ago, my friend and neighbor, Sarah, decided that she wanted to learn how to quilt and since I was a Home Economics teacher at the time, I was willing to learn with her and teach her the basics of sewing. Little did I know, that I would love the creative art and I would look forward to our evenings quilting. Laughing, swearing, comparing irons, clearing floor space, re-threading, swearing, and laughing.

Here is my first project, a crib quilt  30"X44". I cannot remember how many weeks it took me to finish, but I remember being quite pleased.

Here is what I am currently working on, a lap quilt 60"X60"