Thursday, 5 July 2012

My patriotic duty

Spending time out in the summer sun is keeping me from my quilting these days. I love the long warm summer days and nights. I often joke that if I were a pagan, I would worship the sun.

From the heat of summer to the dead cold of winter I bring you a project that kept my husband Daryl and our neighbor Christoph busy for a few hours. We live in a loft with 18' ceilings, which means loads of wall space to display art, pictures, and quilts. When we moved in to our loft, I wanted to hang a quilt on the wall above our downstairs bathroom, but I did not want to use a ladder or scaffolding every time to change it. Christoph and Daryl created an ingenious way for me to display my quilts. The used a drapery rod and clips, nylon rope, pex tubing and a few other gadgets to assemble the pulley. I am able to access the pulley design above the ceiling tiles in the upstairs bathroom to lower and raise the quilt as I desire. Whenever I change out the quilt, I think that I should have some triumphant music playing. It's like our own private flag raising ceremony. With that said, I have my Christmas quilt Holly Ribbons still hanging. I guess I better do something about that.

The change has been made, my Paris quilt is now on the wall. "I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles."