Saturday, 21 July 2012


One of my nephews turned 11 this month and he is the reason that I decided to make a quilt for each of my nephews and niece. When he was in preschool, my brother or sister-in-law would drop him off at our place before they headed off to teach. He would hang out at our house for an hour or so before Daryl or myself would drop him off and pick him up at school. I often had a quilt project on the go and he would want to help me with the sewing. He was most interested in the "gas pedal", so I would let him control the foot pedal.

One morning he asked me if I would make him a quilt, of course I said yes. At the time he was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. I found a paper piecing train pattern on the internet and designed a quilt that he could curl up in.

Each quilt I made for the kids has given me such joy. I have tried to think about each of their interests and create a quilt that reflects them. In the future I will feature the other quilts for my nephews and niece in their birth month.

 Train quilt 2006

Suspended train track built 2004 at Michael & Megan's King St. house
by Daryl, Papa Don & me