Thursday, 16 August 2012


Orange adds a fabulous punch of color to almost any room or design.

I was at a friend's recently renovated cabin where she kept the orange pendant light from the original decor. It stands out against the white and pale blue walls, so retro.

Another friend's house is mostly white; walls, furniture, accents, but she has a great orange library chair from Pottery Barn.

I too have embraced the orange. Bathroom and storage benches add interest in our otherwise white environment. When we were in Paris we went to Musee D'Orsay and bought a couple of postcards. This one by Meijer de Haan has the exact same color of orange that is in our bathroom. Love the coincidence.

Meijer de Haan
I think of how my dad's orange snowboarding coat stands out against the powdery slopes.

Mes parents et leur quilt

When I was making a quilt for my parent's 60th birthdays, I had to throw in a punch of color, orange of course, to offset the earthy blues, greens, and browns. Just like the lichen on the rocks in the valley.