Saturday, 29 September 2012

en route

My friend and I are on our way to Montreal. We should have arrived by now, however the travel gods had a different plan for today. Anna has the theme song from the amazing race playing through her head. We may not be at a "road block" but it sure seems like we have hit one.

Started the day at 4am. Arrived at XYE one hour ahead of flight thinking we would have lots of time. Nope. The lines were ridiculously long. We had 5 minutes to spare. Upon arrival in YYZ we thought our connection would be tight to YUL, but there was a 2 hour delay. Not awesome but not too inconvenient. Then an Announcement over the PA. YUL flight canceled. Plan B. Take the Westjet voucher and catch the train to Montreal. As providence would have it  we were able to purchase 2 of the last 3 remaining seats.

Next stop, hotel, hot tub, sleep.