Monday, 8 October 2012


October brings beautiful fall colors, the unmistakable colors and patterns of camouflage. It's hunting season.

It is interesting to me how a pattern becomes en vogue. How Burberry is now synonymous with plaid. How camo went from military dress to everyday wear. My 5 minute google search revealed  that camouflage was "created by artists at the military’s request, dating from the early 20th century. It was first used for concealment of equipment, and then for uniforms" (The Warhol, Camouflage, retrieved from, October 7, 2012). In 1986, Andy Warhol painted Camouflage. Unlike military motifs, Warhol’s camouflage paintings reflect bright synthetic and inorganic colors, which would not provide a veil or disguise in any landscape." Camo entered pop culture fashion in a similar way to the fashionable pea coat from the Navy.  

October is also my eldest nephew's birthday month (now 16 years old!), which brings me back to camo pattern. What type of quilt do you make for a 10 yr old who loves playing with plastic army men play sets? An army inspired quilt! I had some left over fabric from making my mom some camo patterned aprons for the goose hunting camp she was a cook for and voila, a quilt fit for a boy. The fascination with the military has not yet left him. Halo is played with such fervor that every now and again the boys convince Auntie to play.

If you're interested Fashion Beans goes into full detail on how to wear camo.