Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Loose Ends

I am an ISTJ - the duty fulfiller. Described as loyal, dependable, honest, and quiet. However, under stress, ISTJ's fall into "catastrophe mode". If any of you know me well, you will have been party to one of my dramatic scenes. Anyway, by nature, I am an organizer and a planner. If I have started a task or project I am highly motivated to work on it to completion.

When I start planning a new quilt in my mind, I mull over it for some time. I think about the fabrics that I have and how they would compliment and highlight the pattern that I have chosen. I also ponder over who each quilt will be going to and take great delight designing and creating it. Generally speaking, if you give me a week to work on a quilt, I will have it done. I become the mad quilter, obsessed!

However, this was not the case for this quilt. I started it in May, as seen in my first blog posting, but summer came and went and the quilt sat in my fabric box waiting to be finished. It nagged at me until one weekend in September, I became inspired again and I finished quilting it. Tying up loose ends is always so satisfying.

In quilting and in life, I strive to do my best and work diligently until the desired outcome is achieved. When that desired outcome falls short or changes in some way, I agonize and struggle until a new normal and order are established. I have learned that it is in the struggle that many beautiful things emerge.

What's next? I need to finish a baby quilt for a friend before I head off to Montreal!