Saturday, 5 January 2013

Scientific Method

Recently I came across a blog "It's Okay to be Smart". It has quirky articles, interesting illustrations, amazing pictures, and fascinating facts. This basically describes one of my nephews who will be celebrating his birthday this month. He is quirky, interesting, amazing, and fascinating. Common discussions with him include how would gravity work on a square planet?, where would be the best place to build your house on a square planet?, what kind of rock would be the best type of rock to create rock people?, what's your favorite element?

When thinking about his quilt, I knew that I had to stick to a science theme. What boy is not fascinated with explosions and danger? With that in mind, I decided to applique hazard symbols on it. I love how they turned out.

I watched a clip on the above mentioned blog based on the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment about delaying gratification. As I watched the kids struggle with the decision to eat the one marshmallow immediately or wait for the researcher to come back in order to receive a second marshmallow, I chuckled as I watched them agonize. This reminds me of a conversations that my nephew and I had with several other family members about empathy. Watch the clip and see what your reaction is.

Throw caution to the wind quilt 2007

One of my favourite pics of my nephew (left) and my husband 2012