Thursday, 31 January 2013

out of season

Bonjour mes amis
We are in Montreal and searching for a place to live. I do believe we have narrowed it down and will be putting cash on the table this afternoon.

Last night Daryl and I were craving gelato. With 2 stores near by we thought we were in luck. We walked into the first resto and were greeted by a jolly fellow. Table for 2? No just gelato tonight, pointing at the freezer of brightly colored gelato. He shakes his head and remarks that it is out of season. With obvious looks of disappointment on our faces he tried to steer us towards a piece of cake. Although they looked delicious we declined and walked toward the next cafe. With eager anticipation we approached the freezer and saw that the cooler was covered with cardboard boxes. We inquired about the gelato and she also said that it was out of season.

Daryl and I were befuddled by this discovery that gelato can be out of season. I guess Jerrys in Saskatoon has not received the memo that gelato has an in season.