Friday, 8 February 2013

le chat noir

I have been in Montreal for two weeks now and I am starting to normalize. We have discovered that many of the museums here are free Wednesday nights, so Wednesday will be museum day for us. Walked to the top of Mont Royal where the vista of the city is remarkable. Had poutine @ Bonquise. It was good, but wouldn't want to eat there more than once every six months. Last night we were invited out for a raclette meal. We were told that it is a must do, French experience. Wine, cheese, cured meats, what more could you ask for?

As for quilting, I have found one great tissus (fabric) store so far on St Hubert. I am looking forward to visiting it again. One block from where we live, I stumbled upon a vintage and repurposed fabric store where they sell sewing machines from the 1960s, fabric, salvaged buttons, zippers, & shoulder pads, among other sewing necessities. I think I will buy un machine à coudre because they said that they would buy it back from me when I am done with it. Seems like a fair deal.