Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Le chat noir 2

Tonight I was looking at some books on a bookshelf in our apartment and discovered a letter that was left behind. Perhaps it would be a love letter or a note from a friend or a grocery list. It was none of these. It reads as follows:

Tu dois payer l'appartement!! S'il n'est pas payer d'ici Mercredi 20/juin tu devras quitter!

Translation: you must pay your rent!! If you don't pay by Wednesday June 20 you must leave!

Who was this Stephanie? Is she the one who had a cat living here? Why was she late with her rent? Did she leave behind some of the weird stuff in the cupboards & closets? Why did she leave the letter folded up stick between some books? I pretty certain I would have crumpled up the letter and tossed it out. Ask me sometime what I do with some of the Turnanich notices slipped under the door at the condo.

When we moved in here, we found some cat shampoo on the first day. Both of us were not impressed because the place was advertised as pet free and if you don't know Daryl, he is allergic to cats. We had a mini freak out, perhaps mostly due to the fact that we had just committed to a 7 month lease in a place far from home. Well the freak out has passed, mostly, and the discovery of this new place we call home continues.