Sunday, 18 August 2013

Great expectations

Last night I woke myself up (and Daryl) laughing hysterically. I had a hard time calming myself down. Every time I thought about the dream I started laughing again. Of course Daryl inquires as to what the dream was about and as I consider telling him, I realize that it probably wasn't that funny. Here is what I told him.

The scene: a large gymnasium with one of the walls so tall that it appeared to be a cliff face. People were gathered in a circle challenging each other to wrestling matches. Very seriously someone asks, "Who is next?" A tall sinewy young man steps forward and announces that he wants to challenge his brother. We all cheer, but are bewildered when he walks out of the circle towards the gymnasium door. He opens the door and a short East Indian man follows him in carrying a guitar case. People start mumbling that there will be no real challenge. The brothers look menacingly at each other and both pull out their bass guitars. They both start tuning their basses and are playing with aggression.

They are ready to start the challenge. The short brother starts playing and quickly the other brother joins in, however the music that they are playing is docile and boppy sounding.

I look to the person I was standing beside in the dream and we both smile at each other in confusion and then start to chuckle silently.  I lean over to her and say, "That is not what I was expecting."

At this point the laugh that you try to control when you are in church started and then progressed into all out hysterics.

...and scene.

Strange how the brain and dreams work. I got thinking about it this morning how life can be like this. We move to Montreal,  I get pregnant,  I slice my hand at work and have surgery, and then I am told this week that because I am pregnant that I am no longer able to work in my current position. What is happening?! Some life experiences and situations can be bewildering, not what we expect, but I need to  learn not to get so uptight about life and find humor in the seemingly ridiculous hard things that life throws at me.

Is laughter the best medicine?