Saturday, 26 April 2014

What is in your closet?

A closet can be a veritable treasure trove of unseen items. I remember making my way to my parents walk-in closet via the "secret" hallway for hide-and-seek. There were many great places to hide and so many things to look at. In their closet you could find the Halloween dress up box, Dad's skinny red pants that he wore in his 20's, Christmas decorations, porcelain dolls, and around Christmas, somewhere in there, I always hoped that I would catch a glimpse of my gift (which I found out much later in life that they were hidden in the attic).

Closets are also great places for hiding unfinished projects and odds and sods, or rather, those things in your life that you are not ready to part with or deal with, and so, to the back of the closet they go.

We recently purchased an IKEA PAX closet system to organize and hide our treasures. It only took us 5 years to decide what type of closet system to get, but it was worth the wait. How great it is to have a space to hang the sleeping bags and to put Daryl's instrument cases.

My suitcase of fabric.
A few months ago I was helping a friend sort and pack for a move.What did her closet reveal? A large stack of fabric and unfinished quilts. She inquired whether I wanted the fabric, which I quickly replied, "No". I work very hard at keeping my fabric intake in check. I did offer to finish any unfinished quilts. I came home with 6 in various stages. Some just needed a boarder added, some needed to be sewn together, but all of them were cut out and ready to assemble. This week I wandered down to Unique Textiles to purchase the batting and fabric for binding. I am now set. Next step, to carve out a little time to sit and quilt in between playing, feeding, and comforting my baby boy.
Project 1
project 2