Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Valancie & Hibou
Did your parents ever dress you and your siblings in matching outfits? I am not certain how old I was, but on one of our family vacations out west to visit Grandma, my mom sewed us all matching striped T-shirts. By all of us, I mean Mom, Dad, my 2 brothers and myself. I guess the rationale was that we would be visible in a crowd. "I wonder where Dad is? Oh, there he is. We are wearing the same outfit. Perhaps I should stay in the Flinstone car and nobody will notice..." Of course they will notice because we all looked so cute as a family all matchy, matchy. Secretly, I love wearing coordinating outfits.

When does wearing matching outfits become inappropriate and awkward? The other day when I put on my striped sweater, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cute if Hibou was wearing his striped outfit too". When I asked Daryl to take a picture, he commented that it would be our first Motherboy contest entry. If any of you have watched Arrested Development, you will know what he was talking about. Motherboy was a dinner dance organized to promote mother/son bonding. How many years do I get before Hibou starts to protest and refuse to wear matching outfits? I suspect not many, but perhaps I will make the most of it while I can.

Who will win the coveted "Cutest Couple" this year? You can watch Motherboy XXX on NetFlix (season 2 episode 13)

If you see me in 30 years and we are wearing matching track suits, please stop me and tell me that I have taken it too far.