Tuesday, 7 January 2014


The joys of parenting has the added balance of the anxieties of parenting. Our petit hibou was born in December. He is nothing short of adorable.

The first week we brought him home, we thought we were all doing good, until the public health nurse came to check in on us. Hibou was losing weight, which is normal for newborns, but he had lost more than the acceptable amount. The nurse recommended that we rent a breast pump and start supplementing him. New parents will do anything for their precious little one. Daryl went out like a dutiful husband and dad to bring home a pump.

Although a breast pump is a useful piece of equipment, it is not sexy. The first time I used it double barrel style, I thought of the fembots in Austin Powers. Now, they are sexy and dangerous, I am only comely and vulnerable. Be as it may, double barreled pumping is my lot in life these days.

Medela "Fembot"