Sunday, 26 May 2013

Singing in the rain

Establishing shot:
The sky is overcast and grey in Montreal. There have been some scattered showers, but not enough to dampen our spirits. My parents are here for a visit. We are wandering  through Vieux Port seeing the sights and soaking in the beauty and history of the area.

Currently the rain has stopped, but the air is thick with humidity.

After some time, we decide to find a cafe and sip our drinks out on the terrace. We notice that the clouds are getting darker.

Meanwhile, Daryl is leaving his conference and decides to buy me a lemon tart for my birthday. In true Montreal fashion, he straps the cake into the front basket of the Bixi and rides to meet up with us.

Dad sees a flash of lightning, then we hear a loud clap of thunder, and suddenly a deluge of rain floods the area. We grabbed our drinks and bags and dashed for cover in the cafe, wet, but not drenched.

Daryl does not have the luxury to get out of the rain so quickly. He gets off the Bixi and ducks for cover in a stairwell. He waits out the deluge until it turns to a soft steady rain and continues on his ride towards us. By the time Daryl gets to the cafe, he is sopping wet. There is not a dry spot on him. He plunks a petite soaked cardboard box with a black ribbon on the table, unsure of the condition of the pastry. We are all laughing. I open the box to find a lemon tart with meringue, however the meringue has not weathered the storm well. The rain has disintegrated it.

Despite the rain, the tart tasted delicious. The rain eventually stopped and Daryl dried out in the sun. A memorable birthday indeed.